Meredith Monk

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Above: Performance of Songs of Ascension at Ann Hamilton's Tower, October 2008.

This major new work features Monk's compositions, visual elements developed in collaboration with renowned artist Ann Hamilton, and live music performed by Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble, a string quartet led by violinist Todd Reynolds, and chorus. The work was originally inspired in part by poet Norman Fischer's translations of the Psalms and in part by an eight-story high Tower designed by Hamilton for the Oliver Ranch in Northern California. This video excerpt is taken from a preview performance at The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. The multi-media production for the stage emanates from the physical and acoustic properties of the Tower, as well as architectural and ritual motifs of ascension from throughout the world.

This piece is part of Meredith Monk and Vocal Ensemble's current repetory. For North American bookings, contact: Rena Shagan Associates.


1 clusters 1
2 strand (gathering)
3 winter variation
4 cloud code
5 shift
6 mapping
7 summer variation
8 vow
9 clusters 2
10 falling
11 burn
12 strand (inner psalm)
13 autumn variation
14 ledge dance
15 traces
16 respite
17 mapping continued
18 clusters 3
19 spring variation
20 fathom
21 ascent

Songs of Ascension was released in November 2009 by ECM Records. The performers include Meredith Monk and Vocal Ensemble (voices), Todd Reynolds Quartet (string quartet), The M6 (voices), and Montclair State University Singers.

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